The Continuing Comedy of Errors

The Anne Arundel County GOP continues to seek innovative ways to act like amateurs. From the weekly GOP calendar email, still distributed by Mike Collins:

Jerry Walker has called a Special Meeting of the Republican Central Committee this Wednesday, October 10, at 6:30 pm. This meeting will be held at the home of Debbie Belcher, 1441 Shot Town Road, Annapolis.

The agenda will be distributed at the meeting and will include briefing proposed events to be hosted by the Central Committee and a proposed budget by Tom Redmond.

The meeting will be short and followed by stuffing invitations for the upcoming Business event on October 25th, so volunteers are encouraged to attend.

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What better way to dissuade the public from participating than by having a meeting at the home of somebody who doesn’t think the public has the right to question the Committee, in order to hear a budget proposed by somebody who thinks the Committee should conduct its business in secret.

This committee continues to look more and more like a joke with each passing day…


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