Support Tax Increases Or Else!

For those of you who could pick up the O’Malley Watch update on WAMD tonight heard the tease for the latest examples of O’Malfeasance uncovered by Martin Watcher.

The latest shady dealings are now up on O’Malley Watch.

Secretary of General Services Alvin Collins sent an email to all potential state contractors urging them to lobby for O’Gov’s tax increases. Oh, Collins is the man who decides who gets state contracts.

Our good friend Senator Andy Harris sent a letter to the governor informing him that he has alerted Assistant AG Robert Zarnoch. Don’t hold your breath Zarnoch is on deck awaiting a judgeship from O’Malley.

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DNR Secretary John Griffin gave a Power Point presentation to DNR employees detailing who would be fired if the governor was forced to implement his “Cost of Delay” budget. Hint: If you value your job, call your representatives and tell them to raise your taxes.

Also check out O’Malley touting his tax increases in a closed door speech to select UMBC students, then getting state paid UMBC president Freeman Hrabowski to use the UMBC email system to urge students to support tax increases that will only harm them.

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