Straight Tax Talk

Capital columnist Eric Hartley talks straight about the Governor’s tax plan today:

“The vast majority of Maryland families will be paying less,” Mr. O’Malley said during an event in Ellicott City, one of seven stops he made in nine days.

But that’s an assumption resting on some dubious and suspiciously precise numbers. And the truth is, a lot of us probably will be paying more.

How do I know? Let’s look at the numbers.

Hartley goes on to show what the numbers really are going to add up to. He concludes with this:

Are the numbers false? Not exactly, but the presentation is carefully calculated to show the poor and middle class saving money. If the chart showed average families paying, say, $50 or $100 more, it wouldn’t be so effective.

But then, it’s only October. There are plenty of lies, damned lies and statistics still to come.

Which reminds me back from a few months ago when we talked about getting nickeled and dimed. Which is exactly what Maryland Democrats are going to do to the middle class. Maryland Democrats don’t seem to care how much the middle and working classes are going to be forced to pay in order to fund their special pet programs….

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