Sort of like BRAC, only without the jobs

From the Baltimore Sun:

A resolution passed in Virginia’s Prince William County last week to crack down on illegal immigrants might bring a mass relocation to welcoming states like Maryland, experts said.


“They’re absolutely coming. Some of the police officers in my district have said they’ve seen an increase in Virginia license plates driving around,” said Will Campos, a Prince George’s County Council member. “It doesn’t mean they’re moving here, but they’re browsing.”

Campos attributed Prince George’s tolerance of immigrants to its population, of which African-Americans are a majority. “I believe we’re a little more progressive in thinking and a little more open to immigration,” he said.

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Is anyone surprised at this? Not me.

I wrote weeks ago about the fact that Arizona has seen the number of illegal immigrants in that state decline by the simple expedient of revoking the business license of any company that employs them.

People respond to economic incentives. If they can’t easily obtain work and they can’t get free stuff from the government they move on to jurisdictions that are more enlightened and which do not believe in enforcing the law.

So have a great time PG and MoCo. Enjoy the diversity. Relish your sophistication. I know I will.

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