Self Righteous Green Sanctimony

Dan Rodricks’ sanctimonious column drips with all the self-righteous bunk of a Daily Worker back issue. Way up from his perch of moral authority, Rodricks castigates we troglodyte Republicans for not getting on the global warming band wagon. He uses the divergent policy prescriptions of Al Gore and George Bush to show us that the GOP is becoming “irrelevant” and that Bush’s proposals are an “empty” sop to “big business.” On the other hand Al Gore is held up as the paragon of reason and virtue, for raising the alarm about global warming, climate change, or whatever deceptive term the greens use, and now even more so now that he won a share of the Nobel peace prize.

Rodricks writes, “This is not simply a difference of opinion. It’s a difference between relevancy and cluelessness.” Witness once again, the old “false consciousness” trick, as Rodricks writes, “Gore and An Inconvenient Truth might provoke younger Americans to vote in greater numbers in the next presidential election, and that could be the crest of the new wave that pushes the world’s last superpower to a state of greener consciousness.” Since we do not subscribe to the left’s policy prescriptions we must be “clueless.”

More Rodricks:
“But in this country, there isn’t an issue that hasn’t been politicized, and the GOP and talk radio count on that. So, we hear plenty from the junk-science crowd and those who seem to enjoy taking shots at anyone, like Gore, who gets passionate about a cause for the public good. Talk, talk, talk – that’s all some people do, and most of them seem to be over on the Rush Limbaugh side of things.”

This passage is laughable on so many levels. Of course climate change is politicized, it should be. The policy prescriptions on both sides should be decided in the political arena. However, Rodricks and the greens don’t see it this way, its their policy so it must be right and good. Anyone questioning it is clueless or a shill for big business. Second it is really choice for Rodricks to talk about global warming skeptics as the “junk-science crowd”, when a British government climate expert revealed in a court of law, the HUGE, GAPING, FALSEHOODS in An Inconvenient Truth, which torpedo Gore’s whole thesis. But why let facts get in the way of instituting economy crushing, freedom curtailing policies, that subvert our sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable foreign body. Rodricks is so contemptuous of opposing talk he must duck Ron Smith in the halls of WBAL.

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Lost in his cognitive dissonance Rodricks overlooks the very salient fact that Gore and IPCC won the Nobel prize for peace, not for science, joining the ranks of Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat, right where he belongs.

When the Sun management starts to look for the source of its dwindling subscriber base and lost revenues they will find it in some of their in-house columnists who are divorced from reality.

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