SCHIP Bullchip

Last week the Dems trotted out a 12-year-old Baltimore boy to make their case for why the evil Bush administration was dead set on having kids die in the street. Like so much of the sturm und drang surrounding this debate, especially on the side of those supporting the bill as a stalking horse for some kind of neo-marxist health care scheme, there is a lot of heat but little light.

Curt at Flopping Aces took on the task of deconstructing the story.

The boy in question goes to private school, along with his sister, lives in a 3000+ sq ft home and the boy’s father is owns his own company and doesn’t provide health insurance. I’m not a health care wonk but this doesn’t seem like the family SCHIP was intended to cover.

Read the whole story at Flopping Aces. Remember it the next time you hear the the vetoed SCHIP bill defended.

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