Round One to Nelson Reichart

Nelson Reichart, who we will recall committed the unforgivable faux pas of speaking truth about O’Gov’s propensity for using the Maryland treasury as a piggy bank for his friends, and for this offense was fired some few months ahead of pension eligibility.

Reichart sued claiming that his firing was illegal.

Now Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Cavanaugh has ruled that Mr. Reichart is to be “restored to his employment position with all its rights and privileges.”

Naturally, O’Malley’s attorney general has asked the judge to reconsider the ruling because unless you are seen as being above the law people may not fear you.

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This initial ruling certainly increases the odds that Mr. Reichart will prevail in the long run. But regardless of the rulings of any number of courts, smart money says O’Malley ignores the rulings and leaves it to his successor to settle this case.

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