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Render unto Caesar…

Church leaders press for an equitable BRAC reads the headline.

Elected officials will be asked to subscribe to a set of principles the group believes should guide government planning for base realignment, Gillespie said. Among the goals are: work force training, mixed-income housing, compact development and expanded transit to minimize sprawl and harm to the Chesapeake Bay.

This is probably going to come as a real shock to the people who developed this nonsense but 1) the majority of jobs coming to Maryland under BRAC are high skill jobs, not the sort that “workforce development” is going to produce successful applicants for and 2) the people moving to the area are going to a) make their own decision about where they wish to live and b) arrive here too soon for transit decisions to influence.

What any of this has to do with the basic mission of a church is anyone’s guess other than it seems like another effort at governing by those who think that the social teachings of Christianity are actually socialist teachings.

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The only notable thing about this bit of claptrap is someone is finally saying the obvious. BRAC is not a cash cow, in fact, BRAC has been proven over two decades to bring costs as well as benefits. The costs, however, will not be the ones this bunch of aging lefties are predicting.

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