PG Exec Jack Johnson and his buddy, accused killer Keith Washington

Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D) has had a long association with his college fraternity brother, former driver, campaign worker, democratic county council candidate, deputy director of county homeland security, and police corporal, Keith A. Washington.

Washington is under indictment for murder and assault in two separate incidents earlier this year.

There is much, much more in a fairly in-depth October 31 Post article on this relationship by two Post PG County reporters, Rosalind Helderman (politics) and Candace Rondeaux (crime). Their piece includes details on other positions to which Johnson appointed Washington, and summary information on Washington’s record of suspensions and being found unfit for police duty.

The Johnson-Washington saga keeps popping up from time to time in the Post, Times, and Gazette, along with stories now and then about the indictments of other Johnson cronies and appointees. Almost nobody in the Prince George’s County democratic machine seems to care. I remember the applause he got a couple of years ago, on a morning when another corruption case was in the news, and he told a large audience that he had the most ethical administration ever. (And where else have we heard that kind of claim?)

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