You have to love Governor O’Malley’s hubris:

The GOP tactic of opposing a special session produces conflict when lawmakers should be working to build consensus, O’Malley said on Thursday.

”Over the next couple of weeks, any group of 10 or 20 people will get together and figure out if they can keep anything from happening, as if that should be a revelation,” he told reporters at Embassy Day in North Bethesda. ”The last four years in Annapolis have unfortunately proven to the people in Maryland that Annapolis is really good at not getting anything done, but blaming everybody else. What we need to do now is find consensus to solve problems.”

O’Malley’s pretty good at blaming everybody else too, given his consistent record of failure. But I find his hubris completely overwhelming consider that it is the Administration who is purposely keeping the GOP caucus out of the discussions on his slots plan. It is O’Malley who wants to keep Republicans at arms length. It is O’Malley’s actions that are ensuring no bipartisan cooperation is taking place on these issues.

And then there is O’Malley’s actual bipartisanship:

In his travels around the state, O’Malley has made references to meeting with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle as he developed his budget solution.

Poppycock, Allan Kittleman said.

The party’s No. 2 man in the Senate says the guv has only reached out to him twice — once to congratulate him on being elected minority whip and once to inform him that O’Malley was firing his mother, Trent Kittleman, as head of the Maryland Transportation Authority.

That stings.

O’Malley’s warped view of bipartisanship is amazing. But I take solace in the fact that it will more than likely be conservative Democrats in the General Assembly who are ultimately responsible for ensuring his tax increases fail to come to fruition…

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