Nibbled to Death by a Duck

That’s we the taxpayers. The ducks are the people who want to take our money to use for something that is a lot more important and high minded than what we’d spend it on, presumably booze, tobacco, floozies, and slots. Scratch that last one, it seems that spending our money on slots will be considered high minded by the O’Malley administration.

I guess following the principle of striking while the iron is hot, another coalition of whiney and grasping special interests is encouraging the governor to add another tax while he’s at it. In addition to the one penny sales tax increase, the few pennies on a gallon of gas, the six cents on a lot of currently untaxed services, they want to add just one cent per square foot of enclosed space… to save the Bay.

I’m going to throw out a heretical suggestion here. Money ain’t going to save the Bay, or at least one cent per square foot of enclosed space in Maryland ain’t. The Bay got into this condition over time and it will take time for the Bay to unscrew itself. And all this one cent is going to do is to pay the salaries of more ducks to nibble at our butts.

Enough is enough. There are lots of worthy causes out there, but they aren’t worthy enough for me to shell out my money to pay for them. And I don’t like ducks.

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