Marylanders Agree With O’Malley

O’Malley Watch posted an interesting story yesterday, partially tongue in cheek, on O’Gov’s propensity for taxing things that doesn’t affect him. For instance, he’s perfectly happy raising the rent on the poor and elderly by making real estate services, that would include property management for the benefit of those not prone to higher order reasoning and visitors from Free State Politics to the extent that they are different sets, subject to a state sales tax while exempting legal services and recording studios. To his credit he isn’t raising the tax on alcohol, so maybe I am sort of an O’Malley supporter on this issue.

Usually O’Malley Watch hits the nail on the head, for instance, like predicting the date of the special session before the increasingly irrelevant Mike Miller knew about it, this time I think he misses the bigger picture.

O’Malley is actually the quintessential Marylander. He’s all in favor of higher taxes and more government services just so long as his personal tax bill doesn’t increase.

Back in July we reported on a push poll conducted by the moonbat and misnamed Alliance for Tax Fairness. According to this poll Marylanders were all in favor of soaking the rich, but they were against increasing sales taxes or gasoline taxes. We followed that up with an example from wealthy Clarksburg where residents of $1 million dollar homes are revolting over a $1500/year fee to pay for roads and parks.

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So in this episode, O’Malley plays the role of Everyman. Generous to a fault with the money of others but extremely unwilling to part with their own hard earned cash.
This promises to be an interesting special session.

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