Inmates, asylum, etc.

Last week we wrote about the impasse in contract negotiations between the Baltimore Public School system and the union that represents the allegedly professional workforce of that system.

The sticking point is not something important, like instruction, for instance, but rather what is to be done during a single 45-minute non-classroom session each week. The schools CEO, Andres Alonso argues for a more structured use of the time and given his infatuation with totalitarian systems this is less than surprising.

The teachers, on the other hand, having demonstrated they can’t really teach very well believe that their collective substandard performance justifies their right to do whatever it is that they want to do.

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Oblivious to both their low reputation and the utterly juvenile nature of the dispute both sides have gone to the mattesses.

Rallying on the sidewalk outside city school system headquarters last night, Baltimore teachers and their supporters called for the ouster of schools chief Andres Alonso and the school board.

If you want to understand, in a nutshell, what is wrong with the Baltimore Public Schools (or the DC Public Schools for that matter) then you need look no farther than this dispute and the rather incredible demand by the teachers union that the elected school board be replaced because they, the employees, aren’t satisfied.

This is simply lunacy.

If anything this educational equivalent of the War of Jenkins’s Ear has demonstrated that the teacher’s union in Baltimore is a significant part of the problem and should be broken. Mr. Alonso has demonstrated that he doesn’t have the power to get his way and apparently lacks the common sense to realize it.

Both parties have shown they are unfit to run a school system. The question remains what, if anything, the mayor and voters of Baltimore will do about it.

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