Illegal Fundraising and Political Gutlessness

In other words, it is a typical day under the burgeoning reign of buffoonery of O’Gov.

Today’s O’Malley Watch is a veritable cornucopia.

It would seem that our governor not only accepted campaign contributions far in excess of Maryland’s statutory limits (which apparenly is a lick on the contributor not the recipient) but he personally violated the law by accepting contributions while a legislative session was underway.

What will come of this? Probably nothing. This is a one-party state and no agency has an interest in investigating this. For that matter, the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post have no interest in writing about it either.

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O’Gov has also become a fan of consensus when it comes to slots and taxes. I think Lady Margaret Thatcher had it right when she declared that, “consensus is the absence of leadership.” In this case, were O’Malley to demonstrate leadership it would mean he’d have to take the heat for a dog’s breakfast of increased taxes and reduced spending. He doesn’t have the stones to make those kinds of decisions so he is defaulting to spreading the blame about. Real courageous there, gov.

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