Ike Leggett Thinks He Is Enlightened

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett has a good reason why his jurisdiction has decided that the laws of the United States don’t apply there and why nasty little counties like Virginia’s Prince William County are trying to ensure the laws are faithfully executed.

Several counties in Northern Virginia are considering taking aggressive measures to withhold public services from illegal immigrants and to facilitate deportation. That is not the case in the Maryland suburbs. Why? Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett tells 630 WMAL, “I think part of it is enlightened leadership. I think we have leaders in the state of Maryland who have looked at the challenges we’ve had and have stepped up to say ‘we need to be more inclusive as a community.'”

Leggett says the reason leaders in Maryland are more “enlightened” is because they have been dealing with issues of diversity for a longer time than in Virginia.

Scofflaws? For sure. Silly? Of course. Pompous, self righteous? No doubt. Enlightened? Hardly. But they will get a chance to be even more enlightened. Arizona has demonstrated that enforcing the laws works and that when immigration laws are enforced illegals decamp for more welcoming climes. We’ll see if Leggett is right when he claims that you spend less money providing free services to tens of thousands of illegals than you do in enforcing the law.

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