Has Jorge Bush Lost His Mind?

Let me start off by saying that have a lot of respect for President George W. Bush. I have no problem admitting I voted for him twice. Admittedly, in 2004 I was more turned off by John Kerry than confident in the president. Still, his leadership in the aftermath of the attacks on 9-11 likely solidified my vote for him. In reality, the issue likely came down to Supreme Court vacancies. I felt as though Bush would select more solid justices for the high court. Without a doubt, Roberts and Alito are welcome additions to the bench.

Certainly, I have my issues with the President. There’s none more prevalent than his absence of illegal immigration. As stout as the President seems on homeland security, he ignores perhaps the biggest vulnerability facing this nation, the wide open borders. Every day, people cross over the US/ Mexican border in numbers estimated to be in the thousands. Once on this side, a burden is put on our infrastructure. Hospitals near the border are fighting bankruptcy due to full term pregnant illegals sneaking over to have their babies in this great land. In the same way, taxpayers are suffering because these people demand services.

It would be one thing if these people came through the front door. They don’t. Instead, they spit into the face of everyone by entering illegally. To make matters worse, once here they demand people assimilate to their culture and language. Yes, America was founded on immigration. Still, those immigrants wanted to be part of the American Way.

Jorge (spelled that way on purpose) Bush has blocked every effort to seal the border. In fact, despite his fear of the veto, he threatens to strike down every meaningful immigration bill. To make matters worse, he supports amnesty for these law breakers. I am truly perplexed about Bush’s stance on this issue.

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While governor of Texas, Bush presided over 152 executions. If a death warrant came across his desk for an active participant who gang raped and murdered two teenage girls, I would have had zero doubt that Bush would’ve rushed to sign that warrant. Luckily, Bush didn’t have that chance.

If Bush gets his way, Texas will not execute Jose Ernesto Medellin. In June 1993, he and other members of Houston gangs encountered Jennifer Ertman (14) and Elizabeth Pena (16) on a railroad trestle as the girls were taking a shortcut home.
Ertman, and Pena were gang-raped and strangled. Their bodies were found four days later. Medellin was arrested a few days after the killings. He was told that he had the right to remain silent and have a lawyer present. Since he was a citizen of Mexico, authorities failed to disclose his rights to assistance from the Mexican Consulate as provided under the 1963 Vienna Convention. As a result, the International Court of Justice wants to halt the execution of Medellin. Bush wants to respect their decision.

To their credit, the state of Texas has ignored Bush’s request. Therefore, Bush has appealed to the Supreme Court to get involved. Arguments will be heard Wednesday. I expect the Supreme Court will recognize a states right issue when they see it. After all, I don’t recognize the International Court of Justice has part of the chain command in this nation’s judicial system. At the very least, I expect Roberts and Alito to see it the same way.


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