Fuzzy Math

In addition to their noted spelling problems, John Leopold’s campaign people can’t get math right. The District 32 GOP Club website links to this flier which talks about a fundraiser celebrating “Celebrating 20 Years of Public Service to District 31” by John Leopold.

Well, given the fact that it is Leopold, it would be unsurprising to note that it was 25 years ago that John Leopold was elected to the House of Delegates. 25 years since Leopold finished up his “district shopping” for a winnable district and settled on District 31, a mere six months before the 1982 election.

And here’s a better question; why are they not celebrating John Leopold’s 40 years of a “public service”? Or does Leopold forget that he was a professional politician for 15 years in Hawaii, known for much of the similar untrustworthiness and liberalism there, before he ever stepped foot in Maryland?

Then again, I have no idea why anybody would vote for this guy….

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