Don’t You Know Who I Am!

Hollywood movie producer and Dundalk native James G. Robinson was so angry at Bob Ehrlich, he thought he could donate more money, to the campaigns of Martin O’Malley, Tony Brown, and Vladimir Ilyich Franchot, than allowed by law. State prosecutors filed civil citations against Robinson, who agreed to pay $119, 000 in fines, equal to the amount his contributions exceeded the legal limit.

The cause of Robinson’s donations to O’Malley, Brown, and Franchot goes back to his ire at the Ehrlich administration for not giving him a sweet heart deal on a lease renewal for his farm equipment repair business at the Dundalk Marine Terminal.

One can almost hear Robinson in full Hollywood sanctimony screaming, “Don’t You Know Who I am!”

If only Robinson had kept his contributions within the legal limits he could have received the David Sunderland treatment from the Board of Public Works.

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