Dont Take The Wrong Side On Taxes

From time to time, the need arises to debate true liberal thinking. This is exciting to me because battle lines are clearly drawn: there is no misinformation, there is no confusion—just two people on different sides of the same issue that both think they are right, but cannot both be right.

Such is the case with a letter writer to The Capital on Sunday, who defends the need for massively higher taxes. A part of what she says:

Every time there is a legitimate need to raise money to support government services, we hear an outcry from Republicans that only more cuts in the spending will solve the problem. Their methods for achieving tax savings include privatization, deregulation, and gutting the social safety net.

And a part of my retort:

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Taxation in its crudest form is simply forcible seizure of property by a monarch for personal use. What the monarch does with the property is the monarch’s business, not that of its former owners. This simple explanation is a most useful one for comprehending taxation. Unless the monarch’s subjects have equal incomes and identical desires, unless they lose equal amounts of property, there is no way for taxation to be ‘equal’ or ‘fair’.

(That’s a quote from a book, but I would say the same thing.)

View a longer version of the debate on Annapolis Politics.

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