Busch Favors Civil Unions

House Speaker Mike Busch says he’s in favor of ‘civil unions’ to the extent they are different from marriage.

Homosexual “marriage” may not be in Maryland’s immediate future, but same-sex civil unions could be.

House Speaker Michael E. Busch said yesterdaythat he supports civil unions, three weeks after the state’s highest court punted the homosexual “marriage” question to the legislature.

“I believe in civil unions,” Mr. Busch, Anne Arundel Democrat, said on “The Marc Steiner Show” on Baltimore’s WYPR-FM.

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“I think people should have the same rights as far as probate is concerned, as far as health care is considered, as far as visitation and all those things.”

Mr. Busch made his remarks after Gov. Martin O’Malley, a fellow Democrat, said he would support civil unions. The question is in the hands of politicians after the state Court of Appeals ruled Sept. 18 that while there is no constitutional right to same-sex “marriage,” lawmakers are free to grant such a right in law.

The Speaker knows, or he should know, that a power of attorney and a will can adequately solve the probate and visitation nothingburgers and these issues have an impact on a lot more heterosexual couples shacking up than they do on gays.

Given the current dynamics in the Democrat caucus, this slap fight would be a great follow on to a huge tax increase and cuts in state programs. I recommend they call a special session on it concurrent with the 2008 elections.

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