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BREAKING: O’Malley approval plummets in new Gonzales Poll

Our friends over at Gonzales Research have released their October statewide poll as it relates to the upcoming Special Session. Of note, Governor O’Malley’s approval rating has dipped to 46%; I believe that is lower than Governor Ehrlich’s approval rating at any time during his four year term. Of special note:

When we asked those who disapprove of the job Governor O’Malley is doing why they felt that way, 61% said it was because of his proposal to raise taxes, 17% said it was because of his proposal to legalize slots, 12% said they generally don’t like his style or manner, and 9% specifically said they thought he was “arrogant.”

Amazing. Additionally, now fewer than half of Marylanders believe that our state is moving in the right direction.

I have made the entire poll available here.


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