BREAKING: Legal Counsel Position wide open; Walker questions candidates on religious issues

Sources are indicating that once again a Central Committee meeting will break down into contention as multiple candidates have emerged to fill the position being vacated by outgoing Legal Counsel Doug Theissen. We reported yesterday that former Counsel Greg Kline withdrew from the race when Central Committee member Tom Redmond began soliciting for other candidates after some committee members were uncomfortable with Kline’s qualifications (despite serving as Counsel for four years under three separate Chairmen).

It appears that several Central Committee members are soliciting many different lawyers from the position. It appears that few have the extensive political background one should have to be filling the position.

More disturbing is that sources also indicate that Central Committee Chairman Jerry Walker is interrogating potential Counsel candidates on their background, including their political ideology, their candidate of choice for the 2008 Presidential Election, and how their religious beliefs relate to their political ideology

More info on this as this develops…

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