A Lack of Respect

In today’s Sun we get a glimpse at what will probably occur during the Oct 29 special session. Not much.

As we’ve pointed out before this session is basically to raise taxes. For a while O’Malley tried of obfuscate the issue by his slots smoke screen but now that slots seem unlikely to pass that leaves just taxes to solve the “structural deficit.” Budget cuts will have to wait until the regular session because there is no budget submission available for the legislature to consider.

What is most obvious in the story is the irrelevance of Senate President Mike Miller:

Though Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller had been pushing for a special session, he told reporters before O’Malley’s news conference that he had recommended holding off on calling one.

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“I asked him if he had the votes, and he doesn’t as of this day,” said Miller, a Southern Maryland Democrat who strongly supports legalizing slot machines. “I counseled him not to call a special session until he had the votes. He is determined to go forward.”

“Should we say Miller was for the special session before he was against it?” O’Malley spokesman Rick Abbruzzese told reporters with a laugh when asked to comment – an apparent reference to Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s much-ridiculed 2004 defense of his Iraq war votes.

Can anyone imagine O’Malley’s shill referring to the senate president in those terms? In public? If he was a serious factor to be considered, that is?

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