Why John Edwards Is Not Blasting Hillary over Hsu

Jim Geraghty wonders why Edwards is not blasting Hillary over the whole Hsu mess.

Yet John Edwards hasn’t yet commented on the Norman Hsu matter.

There’s no mention of Hsu on his web site. (A few blog posters have mentioned it on his site, but nothing from the campaign itself.)

John Edwards “hasn’t received a dime from Norman Hsu,” I’m told. It’s a golden opportunity to slam Hillary. So why the silence from the candidate himself?

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The Edwards camp has stated they’re now doing criminal background checks on their donors. I’m thinking out loud here, but I wonder if the Edwards camp wants to complete the check on their own donors, and once they’re given a clean bill of donor health, so to speak, they’ll open fire on Hillary over Hsu.(links in original omitted)

Here is the reason why?

Geoffrey Feiger.

Fieger was recently indicted on charges of conspiring to make $125,000 in illegal campaign contributions to …..

John Edwards in 2004.

Rule #Whatever in politics, be careful of not being the pot calling the kettle black.

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