We’re not this lucky

David Kyle has this:

It seems that Governor O’Malley had at Party caucus lunch today and announced to them all that Delegate Dwyer was going to be running for Governor against him. I almost fell out of my seat when I heard this new rumor. Where the Governor got this bit of news I have to wonder, as it seems to me that he must have someone on the inside of things. Hmm, who recently in the Republican Party has been leaking things to the papers?

Now I have to admit that I had this conversation with Dwyer several years ago but it was not something that we went into great detail on. As I am no longer close to him I don’t know if he has decided to do this or not, I guess time will tell.

This is fantastic news. First, it will give the Maryland Republican Party the opportunity to show that Don Dwyer is not the face of our party. There is no earthly way that he wins the nomination, as he is too far to the right, irritates too many people, and of course has not always supported the party.

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And secondly, it would be nice to have a third Delegate in District 31 who actually, you knows, tries to do their job. I’m still pretty tired of Dwyer getting $43,000 a year to accomplish nothing. It’s like a having a welfare recipient on the government dole instead of a Delegate…


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