Wayne Gilchrest Votes Against Energy Independence

In early August the House of Representatives was considering HR 3221, the New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, and Consumer Protection Act. The Republican caucus believed there were critical pieces of the puzzle overlooked and called for the bill to be recommitted to consider amending it to

In addition, the amendment proposed streamlining the permitting process for new refineries for conventional and alternative fuels. All of these provisions combined ensure that America moves towards energy independence by relying on domestic sources of energy production and renewalables.

Despite Congressman Gilchrest’s loudly proclaimed support for a national energy policy:

[c]reating a comprehensive and sound energy policy is one of the single most important issues facing our nation. With continued development of alternative fuels, domestic energy production and increased energy conservation, we can become energy independent, reduce the negative impacts of burning fossil fuels and energize the American economy.

He decided to side with his new best friends, the Nancy Pelosi faction of House Democrats, and voted against his caucus and defeated this motion.

It is time Marylanders in the First District gave Wayne Gilchrest his walking papers.

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