Water is Wet, Fire is Hot

Martin O’Malley can pander with the best of them.

(hat tip to O’Malley Watch)

The Washington Blade reports that all manner of gay Marylanders are in a snit over Governor O’Malley’s sigh of relief when the Court of Appeals helped him dodge a bullet with their decision that the issue of regualting marriage belonged in the legislature.

If the Blade is to be believed, and I think the credibility of activists is always up for grabs, on the subject of gay marriage Martin O’Malley has had more positions than one would see in a Paris Hilton video.

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He’s been for gay marriage. He’s been against it. He’s been forceful. He’s been mealy mouthed. The unsurprising thread is that the more private the audience the more specific the governor is, the more public the venue pinning him down is a lot like nailing Jell-o to the wall.

There are several take aways from this story.

First, Martin O’Malley is a panderer par excellence. He may have achieved Clintonian standards of pandering.

Second, if the people you are pandering to have no one else to turn to, then it doesn’t matter if your pandering is really good or horribly transparent. I’ll bet O’Malley is kicking himself wondering why he wasted a lot of perfectly good sucking up. Unless he looked at the episode like a light glove workout before the big match.

Third, if only one guy is pandering to you, the odds of him delivering are zero.

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