Cicero at Political Insider proposes a rather lackluster list of potential GOP running mates for 2008. Take a look at the entire list.

The only ones on that list that hold any interest for me as legitimate potential nominees are Palin, Sanford, and Franks. I certainly see a potential for a 2008 running mate to come from the obscure corners of Congress to meet some sort of demographic profile. Look at what happened in 1988 when George Bush launched Dan Quayle from obscurity to Number One Observatory Circle.

We could also see the potential for pre-convention selections for multiple candidates if my thoughts about a brokered convention come to fruition. And there is some real danger to making those selections. Going into the 1976 GOP Convention, Ronald Reagan was looking for an edge to get over the hump and past President Ford for the nomination. So Regan announced early in the convention his choice for running mate: liberal Pennsylvania Senator Richard Schweiker. The move wound up costing Reagan the 1976 nomination, as some members of his conservative base got angry and few of the moderate Ford supporters switched sides.

All interesting things to think about once we get past February 5th…

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