The Tirade Continues…

from Maryland Politics Today 13 Sept. 2007

Comptroller Peter Franchot (D) continued his tirade against rich people today on WUSA (Channel 9). Franchot, telling some of his former constituents that they have to pay their fair share. He told Channel 9 this morning that there is a need to reform the tax system, which is in effect a flat tax, placing everyone in the top tier tax wise.

“I love Montgomery County, but everyone needs to pay their fair share,” Franchot stated this morning during 9 NEWS NOW AT NINE. He adds that the state needs to look at this tax code and make it “comprehensive and fair.”

Franchot admits that he does not understand why Governor Martin O’Malley (D) and Senate President Thomas Mike Miller (D-Dist. 27) keep pushing “the concept” of slots. I can tell you why, because the money is leaving for the benefit of West Virginia and Delaware. He believes the time “wasted” on slots could be spent on analyzing the tax code. Franchot adds, “We can build our economy the old fashion way with good paying jobs with good businesses.” Yeah, but we have to stop scaring them out of the state first.

Also, for anyone who missed the interview, Franchot continues to act as a delegate and not a Comptroller, in which all he does is collect taxes and make sure that the books are balanced…HE’S THE TOP ACCOUNTANT IN THE STATE!

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