The Most Useless Poll ever conducted

The polls the Sun usually conducts or reports on are usually terrible, but this is extra special:

The margin of error was 5.4 percentage points for the Democratic contest and 7.4 percentage points for Republicans. The Sun used OpinionWorks to conduct two city Democratic primary polls this summer, but this statewide survey of 335 Democrats and 177 Republicans was part of a separate poll initiated by a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. It was conducted before Thompson entered the race.

So you have a poll whose sample size is about a quarter of the size it needs to be the size that it needs to be: you need to have at least 800 people surveyed in order to have a useful poll in a state the size of Maryland. On top of it, it was conducted before Fred Thompson entered the race, and he announced two weeks ago. Plus, the poll was conducted for some mysterious “nonpartisan, nonprofit organization” who is not mentioned in the article.

Nothing in this poll legitimately tells us anything. A completely useless poll, and it’s really, really lame that Sun is reporting it like it is the gospel…

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