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The Growing Influence

In the last Conservative Refuge podcast Greg Kline alluded to the fact that the influence of blogs in our state is continuing to grow, particularly among conservatives and particularly here in Anne Arundel County. You only have to see the impact blogs had in getting information the recent Central Committee ruckus through the coverage in the local media to see that we can have an impact, no matter how minor.

Eight of the top ten most influential blogs in Maryland are from a conservative perspective.

Five of the top twenty most influential (# 7 The Candid Truth, # 8 Annapolis Politics, #13 The Conservative Refuge, # 17 Capital Punishment and yours truly again at # 1; thanks Central Committee!) are based in Anne Arundel County alone.

And that’s to say nothing of the sheer number of important and influential bloggers who contribute here at RedMaryland thanks to Streiff’s efforts in brining us to work together.

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I think we are all just glad that we are able to fill a niche in our community from our own perspective and make sure that the important stories get recognized.

All of Maryland’s bloggers, left and right, need to keep up the good work.

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