The Desperation of Wayne Gilchrest

Yesterday we commented on the miasma of desperation emanating from the Wayne Gilchrest campaign. Specifically, we mentioned State Senator Nancy Jacobs’s complaint that Mr. Gilchrest was using her name in an attempt to give the illusion that she had endorsed him in his campaign to gain the Republican nomination for MD-1’s House seat.

This issue is the way Mr. Gilchrest’s website enumerates members of his “campaign team” when he says “Jeff Griffin, former chief of staff to State Senator Nancy Jacobs, is serving as the campaign’s regional coordinator.”

Senator Jacobs’s point is simple. Mr. Griffin is not Senator Jacobs’s chief of staff and he should be serving as a regional coordinator for Mr. Gilchrest because he is being paid perfectly good money to do so and the use of her name is just an attempt to muddy the waters as to her endorsement.

Now more information comes to light. Today’s Examiner reports on the story and moves it forward by noting that Former Harford County Executive Jim Harkins is listed as a member of the Gilchrest “campaign team” but he’s had no contact with the Gilchrest campaign.

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It would seem that Delegate Barry Glassman and central committee member Bob Thomas are also listed as Gilchrest supporters despite not having endorsed any candidate.

This simply reeks of desperation.

He has to mislead the public about his endorsements because he hopes that no one will ask why seven of eight Republican state senators have NOT endorsed an incumbent Congressman. He hopes no one will ask why ten members of the House of Delegates, including minority leader Tony O’Donnell haven’t endorsed him. And he’ll have a lot more explaining to do in the near future as more and more of Senator Harris’s colleagues endorse his challenge to Mr. Gilchrest.

Back in 1990, when he was embroiled in a six-way primary Mr. Gilchrest ran a radio ad President Ronald Reagan had recorded for his use in the 1988 general election. Finally, the former president had to call Mr. Gilchrest and tell him to stop using that ad in the primary.

Wayne Gilchrest is in deep trouble, he knows it, and we’re seeing a very seedy side to his character here: a willingness to say whatever it takes to win.

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