The Beginning?

Comptroller Peter Franchot unleashed this criticism of the O’Malley tax plan this week:

State Comptroller Peter Franchot criticized government leaders this week by saying it would be “reckless” to add $2 billion of tax burdens in a special session before December revenue estimates can show whether the economy is tanking.

The volatility of the local, state and world economies – and the lack of analysis in the budget plans put forward so far by Gov. Martin O’Malley – have Mr. Franchot concerned the administration is not fully considering the effects of new taxes.

The governor’s piecemeal rollout of the different tax options to address a projected $1.7 billion deficit next year has made it difficult to see how all the proposals fit together, he told The Capital‘s Editorial Board this week.

“We have an opportunity to reform the tax code and instead we have treated it a little bit like a take-out menu,” he said. “It’s just not comprehensive or inclusive (and) ultimately I don’t think it ends up being fair.”

Read the whole thing, but I ask you this: is this the start of Peter Franchot’s primary challenge to Governor O’Malley in 2010?


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