The Baltimore Sun Outsources

From the Examiner:

The Sun plans to outsource about a dozen jobs in its finance department to Costa Rica and India, as well as Tribune’s Chicago headquarters, by next spring.

A total of 14 positions will be eliminated, said The Sun’s vice president of marketing, Tim Thomas. However, the Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild put the number of jobs at 11, guild president and Sun reporter Bill Salganik said.

The move would affect the advertising credit and collections section of the department, and it would take place next spring, Thomas said. The company would move a number of jobs to Tribune’s finance service center in Chicago, while others would be contracted to Hewlett-Packard facilities in Costa Rica and India, he said.

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They might as well send their investigative reporting operation to Bangla Desh for all the work it has been doing since Martin O’Malley was inaugurated. As long as they don’t have to sue the governor for access it seems like they are pretty happy printing his press releases.

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