The “Aberrant Strain”


Governor O’Malley went public with part of his new tax plan to close the now $1.7 billion structural deficit. He unveiled it today at one of his “kitchen table talks” at the home of Sarah Achenbach in Anneslie. Achenbach said that she and her husbands combined salaries would not face the proposed higher income tax. I wouldn’t be so sure. The last time O’Malley went into someone’s kitchen they and we ended up with a higher BGE bill than we should have.

O’Malley made a lame attempt at a “bipartisan” appeal to Republicans saying, “To those of the more aberrant strain of that (the Republican) party, who believe that a government that works is bad, or that taxes and the payment of them is something dishonorable, I’m not really capable of reasoning with them, in a way that persuades them.”

WBAL reported that O’Malley said “abhorrent” not “aberrant.” On the audio file it is pretty clear O’Malley said “aberrant.” However, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that he considers us “aberrant” types “abhorrent” as well.

It is pretty choice of O’Malley to talk about government that works since he has never been a part of or led a government that did work. Oh wait I forgot that’s Baltimore bashing. We don’t consider taxes or paying them as dishonorable, in fact we do pay our taxes because it is the law and breaking the law is dishonorable. We favor LOW taxes because that spurs economic growth and increases tax receipts. What we take issue with is drastically raising taxes to cover a structural deficit while simultaneously expanding spending. This will not reduce the deficit because the state has so much legally mandated spending, far beyond what in takes in, hence the term “structural deficit.”

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Of course O’Malley is not capable of reasoning with us; that would require some amount of reason on his part.

O’Malley reminds me of what Winston Churchill said about Clement Atlee, “An empty cab pulled up to Parliament House and Clement Atlee stepped out.”

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