Should Wayne Gilchrest Be Judged by the Company He Keeps?


As we noted Sunday, Rep. Wayne Gilchrest is getting the usual favorably biased treatment from the “Daily Times” (aka “Gilchrest Gazette”). If the paper wanted to give the appearance of fairness they would have written about the group who has been running radio ads endorsing Gilchrest for weeks. is a leftist front claiming to support our troops. Almost every morning as I drive to work I listen to a radio ad telling us how principled Rep. Gilchrest is. As someone who is opposed to the war, this is one issue that I agree with Wayne on. Unfortunately, I despise those folks who only seem to oppose troop deployment when a Republican is in the White House. strikes me as one such group.

I believe that one can learn a lot about a person or group by the company they keep. Here are few examples of the people and groups which this merry band of leftist ex-soldiers have chosen to ally themselves with:

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It’s a Who’s Who of the hardcore American left. These are the folks that give even Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama a bad name. America is always wrong. If we only showed a little understanding those poor little Islamists wouldn’t have attacked us. It’s really our fault. We should all renounce our respective faiths (unless we’re Jihadists) and all will be right with the world.

While I am not supporting Rep. Gilchrest in the primary, I am still shocked that he would stand idly by while such a group is showering support on his campaign. If the voting public knew who Wayne Gilchrest was lying in bed with, the race would be over – NOW.

Note – This is my first contribution to Red Maryland. I want to thank the other contributors for the invitation. … G. A. Harrison

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