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Should Baltimore Residents Trust A Public Defender To Tackle Crime In Baltimore?

Few would argue that Baltimore’s number 1 issue is crime. Interim City Council President Stephanie Rawlings Blake works for the public defenders office in Baltimore City. That means she’s made a career out of trying to lessen the maximum penalties for those that make Baltimore dangerous. More often than not, public defenders represent multiple time offenders. It appears Rawlings-Blake likes to spin her work a different way. On her website, Rawlings-Blake describes her experience as a public defender as follows: Council President Rawlings-Blake honed her legal skills as an attorney with the Baltimore Office of the Public Defender, representing the “poorest and least among us” in very vulnerable situations.

I believe everyone deserves representation. That said, not everyone deserves to be city council president. Baltimore needs tougher laws with mandatory minimum sentences. Does anyone believe Rawlings-Blake will address Baltimore’s number 1 issue of she’s referring to criminals as “the poorest and least among us”?


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