Sense from Stoltzfus

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the Sen. Lowell Stoltzfus wrote an op-ed in today’s Sun that’s probably a little too sensible for Annapolis:

During this year’s session, I offered an amendment that would have balanced next year’s state budget without any tax increases. It did not “cut” any appropriation from the previous year but simply restrained growth. Though several Democratic leaders in the Senate privately informed me they liked the amendment, none voted for it. The education, environmental and labor lobbies were powerful enough to alter their better judgment.

It’s time now, as Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller repeatedly says, “to make a tough vote.” Although he always means to vote for tax increases, it’s really time for the Democrats to make a truly tough vote and restrain the growth of government.

Otherwise, government’s insatiable appetite for more spending and growth will continue unabated, because that is the way the Democrats court their supporters and the way government generally responds to problems: by spending more money. Your money.

Though on many hot-button issues individual Republicans and Democrats at times may agree, Republicans generally disagree with Democrats on increasing the size and scope of government at the expense of taxpayers. Citizens pay a very large percentage of their income for a long list of taxes: federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, excise tax, plus additional “fees” in numerous areas. I say, Enough already!

The decision to increase taxes is made by government officials who often have discretionary income that is not available to many – particularly to senior citizens on fixed incomes and minimum-wage earners. They are the ones who struggle mightily to make ends meet and to whom each nickel matters greatly in their effort to purchase bare necessities and health treatment. A 20 percent increase in the sales tax would be especially painful to them.

Hear, hear! It is amazing to think that the O’Malley, Franchot and the rest of the fringe left have the hubris to call for tax increases to benefit those on the lowest level of the economic latter when, in actuality, those are the people that O’Malley, Franchot, et al seem hellbent on making poorer to expand their precious government programs.

Incidentally, Stoltzfus is right about the government officials making these decisions; it’s kind of ridiculous for Peter Franchot to call for tax hikes when he used nearly a $1 million of his own money to become Comptroller…

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