Screwing Working People, One House At A Time


I am glad that I have those that support Governor Martin O’Malley (D) watch dogging my blog. I am ecstatic, seriously, I am. Because I can take opportunities like this to say thank you. Thank you very much for putting a man in power to screw over the working people of Maryland. O’Malley is doing the screwing over, one house at a time.

I loved looking at The Baltimore Sun this past week, seeing O’Malley at a kitchen/dining room table talking about his tax hike and how it’s supposed to be fair to everyone. The question in the back of my mind is when is he going to come to apartment communities and have the same talk to those people around a table just like in the houses. Here’s why we probably will not see anything like that.

For one thing, in addition to proposing a one percent sales tax increase he also wants to expand the sales tax to some services that are not presently subject to a sales tax. Among those categories, “Property Management Services.” In other words, renters…like me. I know there is a saying that people deserve the government that they elect, but I didn’t elect Martin O’Malley…nor did I elect Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson (D) now that I think about it, but my point is this…WHY DO I DESERVE TO PAY A SALES TAX ON TOP OF MY RENT?! And we have to be honest with ourselves, we have to say that we saw this coming because O’Malley added a tax to cell phones in Baltimore City, while he was Mayor.

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This tax increase package is nothing more than a nickel and dime shakedown to avoid making tough decisions, something that our elected officials to Annapolis have failed to do since 2000. They are afraid to make the tough decision on slots, they are afraid to make the tough decisions on gay marriage, especially since House Speaker Michael Busch (D-Dist. 30) adjourned the general assembly for the day before a committee decided whether or not to place it on referendum to allow the people to decide. God forbid we have a voice in any matter concerning our government.

Now we are heading to a special session where our elected officials will be afraid to make budgets cuts. I have never seen such a cowardly bunch of people elected to public office in my fifteen years of watching politics.

We do not need higher taxes…we need some budget cuts. The mustard seeds worth of budget cuts that O’Malley proposed over the summer was a dog and pony show. It was for the cameras and for the Republicans in the Assembly to show that O’Malley was willing to make budget cuts. I am hoping that the Republicans did not buy that charade and that they energize Marylanders across party lines to open their eyes and call they’re delegates and officials.

Now I said that SOME budget cuts are needed. Before the ‘Certain’ and ‘Other Certain’ starts spinning, I would like to say that education and public safety should not be compromised, but don’t tell me that some state departments cannot stand to be trimmed or out right cut, especially if it’s blocking true progress. The budget needs to be cut and examined for what is working, what is not working. This is not going to be the case because O’Malley is talking about increased spending, not cutting or reducing.

O’Malley’s traveling road show, as pretty as it looks, is nothing more than a picture book of attractive images that will sucker the same people he is screwing over into say that he worked hard to treat everyone equally. Well, he is treating us equally, buy raising taxes on every Marylander…equally.

P. Kenneth Burns is the editor/writer of Maryland Politics Today. He rents an apartment in Laurel, Prince George’s County (where he resides.) He can be reached at

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