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Rewarding Failure

Consider me less than surprised that the Sun endorsed Sheila Dixon this morning. Which includes this curious paragraph:

Among her rivals for the mayor’s job, Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr. and Del. Jill P. Carter have rightly pointed out that Ms. Dixon has to take responsibility for some of the failings of the administration of Martin O’Malley. By her own account, Ms. Dixon was his partner in progress – but the city’s vacant housing stock and staffing problems at the Police Department haven’t much improved since the two joined forces in 1999.

So, if Dixon was O’Malley’s “partner in progress” while he was mayor, does that not also make her O’Malley’s “partner in catastrophic failure” for the city’s financial mismanagement, corruption, and skyrocketing crime rate over the last eight years?

Once again, the Sun editorial board proves itself to be out of touch by rewarding failure. Much like the Sun’s enthusiastic endorsement of Martin O’Malley’s undeserved promotion after years of failure as Baltimore’s mayor, the Sun should not be so quick to reward O’Malley’s right-hand in the City Council with the ability to continue O’Malley’s unfortunate legacy.


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