Refuge Podcast #41 – The Invasion of Illegal Immigrants into Maryland

The latest news and the views of Maryland’s leading conservative opinion makers await in the next installment of the Conservative Refuge Podcast. You can listen by visiting here:

In our opening segment, I share some news and comment on the invasion of illegal immigrants into our State. You will want to listen how liberal leaders, special interest groups and some in the business community have conspired to make Maryland a magnet for illegal aliens.

Our blogger roundtable convenes to discuss what our county Republican leaders are doing to combat illegal immigration. You will want to hear as we are joined by special guest Brian Gill, Red Maryland contributor, activist and business owner and Red Maryland contributor Brian Griffiths, recently named again as the most influential blogger in Maryland.

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In our closing segment, we take another page from the Fat Files. I share an article discussing DC’s ranking as #1 for obese children and how liberal activists claim that the Government must do more. Listen in as I share the words of liberal “fat fighters” who want to destroy the idea of personal responsibility and allow the Government to control our lives.

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Greg Kline
Host, Conservative Refuge Podcast

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