Playing Chicken

After being lectured by the left on how much it sucks to work at the stadiums and not try to find higher paying work, I find this humorous:

The stadium workers who were planning to launch a hunger strike today for higher pay instead postponed the protest until Saturday – citing positive remarks from state officials.

A written statement issued by the United Workers Association said that “due to positive signs coming from both the governor and the chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority” the hunger strike was being postponed.

In a story in Saturday’s Sun, Gov. Martin O’Malley expressed support for a living wage for cleaners at Orioles and Ravens stadiums. O’Malley made his remarks at a news conference to discuss the state’s new living-wage law that goes into effective Oct. 1.

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So I ask this question: which side caved? Is it the workers, who jumped at the chance to cancel the strike at the first sign of seemingly positive news? Or is it the State, who waited until the last possible second the continue to artificially inflate wages for unskilled workers?

Doesn’t matter who jumped first. The taxpayers are the ones who are going to get burned…


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