New Sex Ed Curriculum in Prince George’s County

I think we’ve finally got to the level where sex ed advocates want us to be, albeit inadvertently.

Pupils in a fifth grade music class at Glenn Dale Elementary School were expecting to see a DVD of the opening credits from ‘‘Star Wars” during their second period class yesterday.

What they saw instead were pornographic images of two adults engaged in a sexual act.
According to Prince George’s County Public Schools Spokesman John White, the images were projected onto a screen viewed by 32 pupils for 10 seconds before teachers and administrators were able to eject the DVD and turn off the laptop.

While I can understand some luckless schlub using his work computer to download internet porn, I really have a hard time comprehending a work environment where employees are bringing DVDs from their personal, and probably extensive, porn collection to work and feel comfortable enough to leave them in the DVD drive.

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Did I say employee?

My bad. I’m being judgmental. But fortunately the school wasn’t:

At this time, it is believed that no pupils at the school were involved in downloading the pornography to the laptop, Thompson added.

Of course, this succeeds in asking a lot more questions than it answered. Why did you think a 5th grader might have owned the porn? Is that common in your school? If the porn was on a DVD, why did you deny that kids had “downloaded” porn?

But never fear.

‘‘We have been addressing parent concerns to ensure that they know this [school] is a safe place where children’s priorities come first,” Thompson said.

Yeah, buddy. I’m convinced.

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