Moving goalposts on climate change literature

What was once useless now pushes the mythology forward:

Ancient diaries of day-to-day weather details from the age before 19th-century standardized thermometers are proving of great value to scientists who study today’s climate. Historical accounts were once largely ignored, as they were thought to be fraught with inaccuracy or were simply inaccessible or illegible. But the booming interest in climate change has transformed the study of ancient weather records from what was once a “wallflower science,” says Christian Pfister, a climate historian at the University of Bern.

The accounts dispel any lingering doubts that the Earth is heating up more dramatically than ever before, he says.

Of course, it actually does not clear up anything because the diaries didn’t suddenly become cogent and accurate overnight. The only reason the diaries are at all being referenced is because it moves the global warming argument forward for those individuals who believe that humans are the only cause of climate change. The newfound interest in their contents is only in order to push agenda politics.


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