Most Fort Monmouth Workers Won’t Move to Aberdeen

Late last month The Examiner reported a that nearly half of the workers at Fort Monmouth New Jersey won’t move to Maryland.

The US Army surveyed 4500 workers at Fort Monmouth. 47% of the workers said they would not move to Maryland, 23% said they would move. The other 30% are undecided.

J. Thomas Sadowski, executive vice president of the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore said “We’ve known that more than 68 percent of the workforce there is retirement-eligible, so it has not gone unanticipated that a lot of people would retire rather than move.”

Other press reports put the number that won’t move at 51%. The survey also reported that 60% responded that they would accept a transfer if they could telecommute from New Jersey.

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One would hope that our wise leaders in Annapolis are taking this into account while planning for the BRAC changes. However, since they are meeting in secret, we don’t know. So much for all the vaunted campaign rhetoric for transparency.

We’ve heard about the”bridge to nowhere”, lets hope we don’t have to pay for roads or mass transit for “no one.”

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