More BRACtion News

We’ve chronicled the rather pathetic wish-upon-a-star nature of the ongoing Base Realignment and Closing (BRAC) action (I suppose we really should adopt Sheila Dixon’s BRACtion as an official term celebrating this type of economic development via wishful thinking) at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Fort Meade.

Now comes a study from SAGE Consulting with a study that makes no one happy. Cecil County thinks it will get more people. Harford County thinks it will get more people. You get the picture.

They will become even less happy in the future. The SAGE study represents much more of a ceiling to the numbers than a floor and when viewed in the context of past base closings one can confidently predict that the actual number of jobs emanating from this rather minor movement of jobs will fall substantially below the 27,000 scattered over three states and 7 Maryland counties.

I also predict that BRAC happening while Governor O’Malley is flogging a billion or so dollar tax increase in a state that already has the reputation for relentlessly taxing every thing and action conceivable is going to drive a lot of workers to Delaware and Pennsylvania, a fairly easy commute to APG.

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