Montgomery County gets even more nannystatish

If you didn’t think Montgomery County tried to control the lives of its citizens enough, here comes this:

It’s for your own good, Montgomery County. Really.

The county has banned trans fats in restaurants and is considering mandatory nutrition labels on menus. And now an Obesity Task Force is trying to brainstorm ways to prod residents to make healthier food choices.

Its first targets are kids in child-care centers and county employees. Better informed child-care providers and less-fattening vending machine choices would be the means.

Read the whole thing, it’s ridiculous. The county is aghast that people “aren’t aware that there are better choices.” When I have a cheeseburger, I know that there are healthier choices I could make. It’s just that sometimes I just want a damn cheeseburger (usually a really good damn cheeseburger). Montgomery County has so many bigger problems to worry about than worry about what its residents are eating…


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