Meet the new bosses; worse than the old boss

I spoke with our good friend Greg Kline this week and he told me that he has withdrawn from seeking the vacant post as Legal Counsel for the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee.

See the latest embarrassing chapter in Anne Arundel GOP leadership below the fold…

Rumblings of this started right after the embarrassing September 5th meeting when the position of legal counsel was on the docket after the Chairman’s fiasco was dealt with. Greg sat there, waiting to speak to the Committee on the matter long after the rest of the crowd left disgusted with the earlier proceedings. As the Committee went about its business, the issue of legal counsel was tabled until the October meeting. Some of the members apparently were not aware of Greg’s qualifications and background.

Remember, this is the same Greg Kline who had a two-year hitch as President of the Anne Arundel Young Republicans, is a former Legal Counsel to the Central Committee, ran for the House of Delegates and hosts a reasonably influential Conservative podcast. People who have been active in the party for a long time know who Greg. Only a Johnny-come-lately would say something like this.

And remember this: when the call first went out for candidates, Greg was the only candidate who came to step forward.

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But Greg being the Company Man that he is (something he’ll even admit), he just went on about his business.

Then, we heard about Tom Redmond’s shenanigans. Redmond started calling other individuals seeking new candidates to serve as legal counsel. Again, Greg was the only candidate who responded to the call to serve when it first went forth. But Redmond decided that he was going to open it up anyway.

Greg had talked to a member of the Central Committee and asked for a number in order to get in contact with Redmond. The member said that he didn’t want to give Redmond’s number to Greg without permission. And I believe that was the end of that. Redmond never contacted Greg to discuss his concerns with Greg taking over the position. He just decided to go out on safari and look for other candidates for the position, despite the fact that only one candidate came forward in the first place.

Greg told me that he tried to get in contact with new Central Committee Chairman Jerry Walker. And after playing some phone tag, Walker never called back and spoke with Greg about his concerns.

Seeing that writing on the wall, Greg bowed out.

Now, when Redmond, Walker and the rest of their crew ousted Mike Collins, wasn’t one of their concerns about people not getting calls returned? Weren’t they concerned about what Collins was allegedly doing going around people to get things done?

Greg Kline is a great guy. He is a Company Guy, for better or for worse, in support of the party. He isn’t going to rock the boat.

I am less than surprised that Walker and Redmond would go out of their way to stick it to a loyal Republican, even one as loyal as Greg has been to the party. These people continue to prove, time and again, that their problems with Mike Collins had less to do with Mike Collins and more to do with achieving power to push an agenda. I am sure that whomever the new counsel winds up being will be brought in to ensure that this agenda is pushed.

Meet the new boss; worse than the old boss. Under the guise of a tossing a Chairman overboard for leadership reasons, new leadership has been installed that can’t even understand what it means to lead.


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