Maryland, My Maryland

As a Maryland resident, there are very few political victories people like me can celebrate. Besides the election of Bob Ehrlich in 2002, what have conservatives been able to relish When the Maryland Court of Appeals said they’d rule on Maryland’s gay “marriage” law after the 2006 election, I would have bet my Ravens season tickets that they were holding off on a decision to avoid political harm to Martin O’Malley. After all, most of the justices are democrats. In fact, only Clayton Greene got appointed by a republican. Although I thought they’d stop just short of declaring gay “marriage” legal in this state, I figured they’d mimic the New Jersey high court. Basically, the Jersey court punted back to the legislature, but stated they thought no formal recognition for homosexuals violated the state constitution. As a result, New Jersey now recognizes civil unions and domestic partnerships, as well as out of state same-sex “marriages”.

To my absolute and utter amazement, in a 4-3 decision, the Maryland high court upheld a 1973 law that defined marriage as between one man and one woman. The court even went on to say that it’s in the state’s best interest to promote same sex marriage. It did however leave the door open for the state legislature to change the law.

Mike Busch seems open to debate. Thus, that leads me to believe he’d be open to support it. Martin O’Malley claims to only support civil unions, but he played his hand too much last year. When the subject of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage came up, he vowed to
veto it.Never mind he doesn’t have the authority to veto constitutional amendments. Hence, he played his hand and showed his support for gay “marriage”. Mike Miller, love him or hate him, openly and aggressively opposes gay “marriage”. Thus, no matter what the House and Governor want, Miller will ensure this never comes to fruition under his watch. Conservatives need to consider that next time they bash him.

Today, the high court in Maryland stood up for the right thing. Unlike their counterparts in other states, they didn’t try to circumvent the majority opinion and declare gay “marriage” the law of the land. Maryland is not a lost cause after all!

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