Leopold supports O’Malley’s Tax March

Surprising absolutely no one, John Leopold has come out in favor of “closing the tax loopholes” on corporations as Governor O’Malley likes to call them:

Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold, a Republican, said support for closing the corporate tax loopholes crosses party lines. He said closing the transfer tax loophole in particular would mean millions for Anne Arundel County that could prove crucial in its ability to maintain public services.

“My concern, of course, is that part of the budget-reduction package will ultimately include reductions in state aid to counties,” Leopold said. “Any monies we can secure to counterbalance those cuts are welcome.”

This is just a continuation of Leopold’s ridiculousness. Once again, Leopold sounds like a Democrat by favoring tax increases instead of cutting spending or reducing government services to cover the gap.

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Since Leopold likes to proclaim that he is a fiscal conservative, you’d think he would understand that. But Leopold’s big government conservatism walks and talks a lot like O’Malley’s big government liberalism: there is never enough money to make government big enough and overreaching enough in their eyes.


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